Program Panchayat Fellowship

Program Panchayat Fellowship – Connecting India and Bharat through remote work

Program Panchayat Fellowship aims to use the power of remote work to drive social change. Through this fellowship, we want to help villages adapt to changing technological landscape. At the same time, we hope to help cities be more sustainable as our fellows take back learnings from villages to implement in cities. 

We are accepting applications from Indian citizens who have the flexibility to work from anywhere and a strong desire to make a positive social impact. They are expected to continue working on their own jobs/projects throughout the fellowship. 

In addition, during the 3-month fellowship, participants will spend 10 hours every week on educating the rural population on using everyday technologies, effectively. They will also spend 10 hours a week learning farming and other sustainable ways of living from the villagers. 

This way, both India and Bharat can help each other grow responsibly! 

The Structure of the Fellowship

The first leg of the fellowship will be divided into 3 verticals :

  • Basic Literacy
  • Financial Literacy
  • Technology Literacy
  • Environmental Literacy

We are designing the program to cover all four areas during the 3-month fellowship. Fellows are expected to spend a minimum of 2 hours on weekdays in spreading literacy among the villages. 

The second leg relates to learning sustainable ways of living from villages and taking that knowledge to cities. We are aiming to help Indian cities to be better, greener, and more livable through this. Fellows are expected to spend a minimum of 10 hours a week helping villagers in their routine tasks like farming. Fellows are expected to find ways to improve the processes without having to use a lot of resources. 

We are currently working on a granular structure of the program. The same will be out by September 15. 

The Application Process

To be eligible for the fellowship, you must be working online and have a strong desire to bring a social change. Since the fellowship requires you to spend 20 hours a week on social activities, you need to be absolutely clear about your work schedule. Having consent from your employer is desirable. 

To apply, kindly fill this form before September 15. The fellowship is expected to start by mid-October.