About Us

ProGramPanchayat is a not-for-profit social venture formed with an aim to bridge the gap between India and Bharat. We believe that remote work is the most powerful tool to make it happen. We have lived in villages while working on our laptops. We have seen people transform villages while working remotely. At the same time, we have seen these people embracing local, sustainable ways of living. We want to make it a nationwide movement.

Our Team

Mayur Sontakke

Mayur is the CEO of NomadGao, a rural coworking-coliving venture. Before starting NomadGao, Mayur worked remotely, building teams for a startup. Mayur got the inspiration for ProGramPanchayat while living in a village in Himachal Pradesh. Being from a small town, Mayur feels that remote work is the only way we can spread the development more evenly.

Hitesh Goyal

Hitesh is a digital nomad and has travelled across India, Europe and Africa. He is a passionate product manager who also works with front-end technologies and social media.

Ritesh Shah

Ritesh is a cofounder of Ginger Domain, a leading digital agency in India. He loves traveling, exploring and discovering new places and people. He is passionate about niche causes and continues to volunteer in his spare time.

Shahzada Arora

Shahzada is the Business Development Head of ShopDonation India, an organisation that is using technology to help the world of philanthropy. He also hosts the Remote Explorers podcast with Mayur. He is a passionate street portrait photographer who has been traveling across Asia for the last 3 years.

Abhijeet Sonaje

Abhijeet is a digital nomad and CTO of few startups. He also helps startups on their technology side. He is very keen on learning new things in technology domain.


Anushka is a student of Political Science in her final year of Undergraduate. What drives her is her passion for Human rights and Social Work. She is a food blogging enthusiast with her interest in world cultures and history